I first met Anthony NG in 2009 at the Melbourne Hilton. An iconic location for an iconic meeting. I remember his quiet professionalism and humble disposition but his very driven positive outlook for the future is what stood out for me. He was an emerging leader in our evolving company which today is a global billion dollar plus enterprise spanning 24 markets.
Since that time and during the 13 years Anthony an I have spent working together, I have witnessed this young man emerge as one of the leading figures in our industry.
And yes he has become quite a charismatic individual, but has remained a humble, successful entrepreneur, husband and devoted father.
Success is a very interesting thing. Some people measure this with physical “things” and others through the wellbeing of others and the number of people and communities you help. No matter what your goal or aim is, you need a plan and system to work with. Here, in the pages Anthony Ng’s first book, you will find all that you need to guide you on the pathway to your success, no matter what that looks like. He supplies the roadmap, you provide the drive, energy and work ethic. And like my partnership with Anthony, I know you will enjoy the ride.